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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. The two blogs they are featuring this week: Vivaciously, Vivian & a GREAT Read.

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

Oh, that's quite easy to answer. I read a lot of books. We're talking about a book to two per day. After a couple of weeks (or months), I sort of get fuzzy on the details and it all starts blending in together. So I use GR along with this blog to keep track of the books I've read and liked, disliked, and all that stuff. Plus, it's a place for me to discuss books with other book lovers and to become a part of a book blogging community :0) I love it!

 I'm sure most of us are pretty much the same - we just started so we could have our own little corner in the big net place to discuss books, but still, I'd like to hear YOUR specific answer :0)

20 bibliophiles:

BLHmistress said...

That is what I love the most its our own little space where we can share with others our favorites and find new favorites.



Book me! said...

Your site is gorgeous! I'm a new follower, howdy!
Hopping through with My FF!

Lisa Nguyen said...

I love your blog. It's very simple. New Follower! :)

My Follow Friday: http://shatterbooks.blogspot.com/2012/07/tgif-4-follow-friday-3.html

Lisa @ Shatterbooks

Amanda P said...

I also keep track of my books via m blog, it certainly helps if I want to remember what i thought about the book. LOL

New follower via Linky.

-Amanda P
Paranormal Romance

Lyra said...

I read at least a book a day as well. Good to know that I'm not alone! :)

New follower! My FF

Auggie said...

Love how much of a reader you are! I am totally rooting for you and your 450 books this year. Holy geez!

Following back. What a great blog! Can't wait to see more!

Bob Milne said...

Thanks for stopping by - new follower (GFC & Linky).

I'd been using Goodreads for a couple of years before I started blogging, but I definitely use it much more (and much better) now.

Bob @ Beauty in Ruins

Anonymous said...

Goodreads is AWESOME, especially when we can't keep track when we're munching down books so fast! Haha, I really understand that feeling! Thank you for stopping by! Vivi's a new Linky bibliophile! <3

Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

Sandy from Scribing Shadows said...

Well for me it started off as need to fill in a lot of free time and join my other friends who had their own blogs and of course discuss books but now it's about discussing books and sharing new books with people.

New GFC follower here :).

My FF Post

Hannah said...

Don't you just love blogs. Each one is a unique voice and it's just AWESOME. Lovely dear! New follower! Check out My FFF?

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Goodreads is cool! I don't think I discovered them til after I started blogging! They're great! I use their pics and book descriptions all the time to aid in my reviews! And then I post over there too!

Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I follow you now too!

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

Goodreads is amazing, I love that website. It's also very bad for my wishlist :p And I'm a new follower! Like your site :)


Little Read said...

I do the same thing! Whatever the reason, I am glad everyone started blogging! It is a great community and I love meeting new people. :-)

Thanks for the follow, and I am a new follower via Linky.

Sarah@Catching Books said...

new follower :)

Great answer this week and I totally agree :) I love how I have met so many awesome people through blogging!!
Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Dee said...

Oh wow! I absolutely love your blog! The layout is so chic (I think I now have a blog crush on your blog).

I am now a NEW follower via GFC!!


Jenese Leon said...

Thanks for stopping by. I didn't put it in my post but I started with GR too. Love that site.

bookbitereviews said...

Yup, same reason! I wanted my own little nest to feel important lol and I think I am important. Anyone who loves books and shares that love of books with other is extremely important =D

Thanks for stopping by! Now following =D
-Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

Kim said...

Wow I wish I could read that fast! Hahah. I get through one or two books a WEEK! Great answer! I totally agree with you. It really helps when you're continuing a series and you need to refresh your memory a bit (:

Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog too :P

Karen said...

Hey there! I just started following you!
Here is my FF :
Thanks (:

The Housework Can Wait said...

Wow, you go so much faster than me! I only can devote an hour or two a day to reading, so I only get through a couple a week, but I totally understand what you mean about getting fuzzy on the details of a book. I sometimes pick up a book that I think I've never read, only to get halfway through and remember I DID read it!

Old follower.

Thanks for stopping by my FF!

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