Review: Scanguards Vampires Series by Tina Folsom

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There are only 5 books out so far in this series; I've read them all. You can click each individual cover to get their GR's page; it will open in a new window.

These are adult Urban Fantasy books; real vampires living in our society today inconspicuously. They mind their own business until one day they run into their mates. Then they take us on a journey of getting together, having great sex, running into a problem, breaking up, then realizing they do love each other. Yes, a bit similar to every other UF/Vampire story out there. I do enjoy the series though it's not too original. Reminds me a bit about the Darkyn Series by Lynn Viehl. There are definitely tweaks and twists to it that make it original - how/where/why they mate and all that compared to other books. I think every author puts their own twists on that to make it different. But the overall story can be a been-there/done-that/read-it deal if you read a lot of vampire UF/PNR. Nothing new, but worth reading if you're interested or have the time to.

These vampires run a security company that employes both humans and vampires. They do everything from basic bodyguard/security guard work to securing the most important VIP. The first book, you meet Samson, who is in charge of the whole corporation. It's his company; he employs everyone else. The rest of the books focuses on those who work for him, but are also considered close members of his "family". So it's a PNR as well, moving from one member to another to achieve their HEA.

It does have adult content in it so be aware of that. What I like about this series is that there's always a new problem pertaining to that particular couple. It's not one huge problem that never gets solved or goes anywhere throughout the whole series (ex: Black Dagger Brotherhood, Breeds, etc.). It's a different situation for each couple and they have to work through that situation together. It is a bit refreshing because I like new scenery since it can get tiring once you hit a book #X in the series and this villain is still alive doing the same 'ol shiz. My opinion? Definitely try it, at least a book or two :0)

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